Sunday, August 9, 2009

El Fortin's Taco Weekends

El Fortin #1 (Commonwealth near Lemon in Fullerton)and #2 (Cerritos and Dale in Stanton) offer Taco nights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This echos other Taco nights (note: NOT on Tuesdays)at such places as Taqueria Garcia and Taqueria Mi Pueblo in Anaheim. I'm sure other Taquerias and restaurants around are doing similar events. But El Fortin does it a little better. At a price. Tacos are $1.25 each, a bit pricier than most other Taco Nights which average $1. The tortillas are freshly grilled with small sticks of butter, the meats are leaner (I had the tasty Carne Asada and Al
Pastor), and the radishes, limes, onions, and chiles are freshly sliced. On top of that, their regular menu of reasonably priced Oaxacan dishes is also available.El Fort├žn on Urbanspoon

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